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VERISIGN DomainView is a suite of applications that shows  the words contained within the most recently registered .com and .net Internet domain names. The font sizes represent the relative frequency of words appearing in recent registrations of .com and .net domain names. 

VERISIGN DomainView is available in different flavors: a web app, a customizable widget, plugins for Firefox and Chrome browsers, or an API. And, coming soon, download an app for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Stay up-to-date on what .com and .net domain names are being registered on the Internet!

Terms and Conditions
What you can do?
  • Find popular keywords in domain registrations by frequency count
  • View available domain name suggestions for the keywords
  • Use either the Widget or API to put the trending words on your site.
  • The web app, optimized for iOS, let’s you take VERISIGN DomainView with you so it’s always handy.
  • The ticker plug ins give you a real time view of trending words right in your browser.
  • See the tag cloud on the VeriSign, Inc. website






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